About Us

What should you look for in an Agency when needing crop insurance?


Vern Armstrong, owner/agent, has experience from both sides of the fence.

Vern has farmed most of his life (50 years, starting at age 9, retired spring of 2016)), been involved with FSA and NRCS programs, leased land, custom farming, joint ventures, livestock, irrigation, equipment modifications, financing (California Real Estate agent and Mortgage Broker mid 1980’s), grain marketing, and of course utilizing crop insurance. This means Vern has experience and has walked in your shoes. He knows your pain.

This experience is part of what sets The Ag Agency, Inc. apart from most other agencies. Beginning in the fall of 1999, The Ag Agency, Inc. was created to ease and simplify for producers some of the paper side of a farm and ranch operation. Thus our motto: “Here To Help You Grow”.


We were the first to offer GPS mapping with crop insurance in central South Dakota, along with a Management Binder and a Harvest Binder.

The Management Binder includes Maps and Legend Maps (after crops are planted), Planting Forms, Spraying Forms, and information for figuring bin measurements, planting population, commodity unit weights, etc. The Harvest Binder has an zippered pocket pouch for calculator, pencils, and tickets from grains delivered directly to the elevator, including Load Log forms for scale and no scale that include bin/elevator location, uninsured second crop, notes, time, etc. These work great when it comes time to report production or an insurance audit for loss or production purposes.


In addition to being the first to offer GPS mapping, we were the first agency to promote utilizing revenue products, and when fitting, enterprise units, in a producers risk management program.

A Dedication to Producers & Insurance.

We believe in educating our producers so they can make informed decisions by having our Annual Producer meeting early each February with crop insurance updates and new products, FSA programs, marketing, including door prizes and a prime rib lunch. We represent four of the top seven largest crop insurance companies.

Crop insurance is what we do. Our promise is to work with you to find an affordable crop risk plan that meets your needs.

Please call, drop in, or email us for a more thorough understanding of what crop insurance can do for you. Happy, safe, prosperous, feeding the world, farming.

We are ‘The Crop Insurance People’.

Please contact us at: Telephone: (605) 224-8707 Office

Email: taa@theagagency.com

Address: 3341 Airport Road, SD 57501